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Credentialing Services

The credentialing process involves verifying a provider’s background and qualifications for providing health services. Insurers require verification of a provider’s education, experience, training, certification, and more. This process is complex, time-consuming, and exhausting. Taking this all on yourself costs time and attention away from your practice operations and your patients. Our credentialing services are done by industry experts with the knowledge and technology to alert you every step of the way.

CAHQ Registration

The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) has an online database for storing provider information and sharing it with insurance companies. Many insurers will require you to use the CAQH database so that they can obtain your credentials directly from your file during enrollment. If you don’t have a complete and up to date CAQH application, your enrollment will be delayed, and your claims denied..

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We are experts in the field of Patient Financial Services and we are eager to serve you.

regardless of the type of specialty or sub-specialty, size, location or experience of your organization, MBO has years of experience in handling all sorts of transitions. The signup, documentation, installation, and training process is simple, fast, and economical on your budget.

Each provider is assigned a Dedicated Project Manager to handle all of your questions or concerns.

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Having a high level of receivables and zero cash at hand won’t do much good for your business. MBO maintains a technically advanced online medical billing and coding system for its coders. This system ensures easy filing of all the details and speedier submission of medical claims. Furthermore, we provide proper follow up on the claims after submission.

With our focus on eliminating errors in the claims process and high success rate of filing clean claims; your revenue management becomes much more efficient. Not only do we reduce your days in AR, but also ensure the minimum of claim denials. Further, by outsourcing the billing department to us, you will not need to employ dedicated staff for this purpose. Thus you have a much higher return on your investment.

We have more than 50 years the field of Patient Accounting and we the distance to get the job done.

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